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List of members is as follows:

Name Institution Membership type
Paul Alexander Cambridge Full
Emmanuel Bempong-Manful Manchester Co-ordinator
Mark Birkinshaw Bristol Full
Alan Bridle NRAO Full
Ian Browne Manchester Full
Bill Cotton NRAO Full
Judith Croston Open Full
Denise Gabuzda Cork Full
Simon Garrington Manchester Full
Daria Guidetti Bologna Full
Martin Hardcastle Hertfordshire Co-ordinator
Jeremy Harwood Hertfordshire Associate
Katie Hesterley Manchester Associate
Robert Laing SKAO Co-ordinator
Paddy Leahy Manchester Full
Raffaella Morganti ASTRON Full
Paola Parma Bologna Full
Julia Riley Cambridge Full
Diana Worrall Bristol Full

Full members are those who were on the original proposal (a couple of people who have since left front-line astronomy are not listed). Associates are added according to our policies as students or postdocs of a full member.